After 11 years it was finally time for a makeover.  As much as I loved the original site, it was simple and easy to order with everything on the same page, there were some features, or lack of that I was disappointed with. The main one being the limitation I had in calculating shipping charges. There were only 5 tiers, and while I could calculate the weight based on cost, I could not allow for distance. And there just weren't enough ranges for cost. So, some people sometimes paid  more for shipping, some t less. In the long term I ended up losing some money because of shipping. For example, I had an order of over $500.00. The max shipping was $29.95 which was charged the customer. My actual cost for shipping with insurance was $83.00. I lost $53.00 on that order. Now there are real time USPS shipping rates calculated by USPS. The rates are computed for Priority Mail which I have always used. The package is insured for up to $50.00 free.  Additional insurance must be purchased for amounts over $50.00, you will be given the opportunity to purchase insurance at checkout. The good news is, the shipping rates are much more equitable and accurate now. The bad news is that because I can only ship by weight and distance and cannot use flat rate or regional boxes, the shipping is more for many of you.

You will see that I now have pictures of the actual re-hydrated meals posted on the website. While dehydrated food is never "pretty", I have posted them so you can see the actual meal and serving size. All photo's were taken by myself of meals that were dehydrated and then re-hydrated so they are just like they would be in the field. Also included with the meal information is a jpeg of the nutritional values which you can zoom in on.

And that's a perfect segue to tell you that I am redoing all the nutritional vales because I have changed some of the ingredients since the last Nutritional Values were posted. Mostly because I found healthier ingredients. Not to mention that the US Government has now changed the priorities ow which values should be on the label and where.

I have been looking and looking for better bags for the meals, with no avail. At least not for affordable, food safe, heat sealable, resealable bags that will allow you to add hot water to hydrate the meals. All I can find are the custom printed bags that would cost $1.39@ each and have to be ordered in quantities of at least 1000. I would still have to label the bags because the information required on the bags are different for each meal and each size serving. So you're talking 68 different bags.  Beside the initial outlay, I'm sure you don't want $1.40 added to the cost of your nmeals just for the bag.  But, what I am doing is changing to labels that will be put on the outside of the bag, allowing more room to add water and roll or slip the top shut.

We will be adding more gluten free meals and I am researching the feasibility of creating all organic meals.